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Better late than never, right?

But first, an examination for how I did with my resolutions last year:

I, the guilt party, do henceforth solemnly swear to make a concerted effort to write on a steady basis.
I was doing all right until, you know, I stopped in October-ish. So this past year more has been written for just me than I think I’ve ever really done before. Not too bad. All in all, I’d give myself a B- on this one.

I will stop giving head-space to other people’s storylands and expand on my own.
Actually did a decent job this year on this one. My D&D campaign actually has back story! And my own stories are better for it, as well.

I will push my boundaries, and sometimes I will fail, but I will learn something from having gone further than I’ve ever gone before.
This year I picked up some new hobbies, including some things I swore I would NEVER EVER do. Good job, me!

I will actually get off my butt and exercise .
Sword club counts as exercise, right? I go for lots of walks (especially when working on my other resolution on developing my own stories), and even run sometimes. Exercise! Healthy living!

I will change the world, in small mysterious ways.
Uhm, maybe? I don’t even know what I meant by this one, so… probably did not succeed.

My resolutions for the new year?
1) Start and see a new project through to completion. I don’t know what it will be yet, but I’ve been itching to work on something different for a while.
2) Get better at fighting hand-to-hand/grappling
3) Figure out new and better ways to DM my ever-growing hoard.
4) Make one really awesome costume this year, instead of just talking about it like I always do.
5) Get caught up to the current timeline with the campaign summaries on this blog (this one will probably not happen).
6) Failing number five, I will at least try to post more often here. Given my current track record, this could be as often as TWO times a month.

Any of my faithful readers have any resolutions you’d care to share?


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I would probably watch this movie ~7 million times.

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I’ve started sword fighting again.

Sounds dramatic, no? It certainly brings to mind dramatic scenes of yelling and fisticuffs. Blood feuds settled through grueling combat. Victory gained and lost in seconds, by luck, by strength, by skill. It’s all very exciting.

I'm the one in the middle. Please excuse my poor form, but I'm sure I'm being distracted by a passing dog or something.

I really enjoy fighting, even if it’s foolish for somebody with as little reach as I do to sword fight. Sure, speed is an important element, but that doesn’t help much when your only option to hit the opponent is to open yourself up like mad. I’m not much good at it, but a large part of that is my lack of motivation.

I wasn't joking about the dog. Same practice as above, but I gave up all pretense of being "good" or "dedicated."

Of course, this means I’ve been thinking about strategy a lot more than usual lately. This has made me think about how ridiculous D&D combat is, if you think of it in real life terms. With a broadsword, my reach is at about five feet. How can halfling and gnomes even hope to hit enemies in adjacent squares?! Why are dwarfs portrayed as brawlers, when stealth and cunning would probably be more useful for winning battles in deep, dark caverns? And then I chastise myself for taking a fantasy game too seriously, especially when I’m not a huge fan combat in my RPGs.

But I like fighting, and I like mixing my interests and hobbies (I like to think of it as being efficient, myself). Despite that, I don’t think I’ll ever seriously contemplate HOW HORRIBLE AND UNREALISTIC D&D’s combat system is (although I will still complain that it takes forever). I will, however, strive to make D&D combat descriptions more interesting using my long-unused knowledge. Oddly enough, it helps me with combat. The past couple of sessions have been kind of combat heavy, and all in all, I think they flowed pretty well, even when we had ~8 people (plus NPCs).

See, benefits to exercising and hitting things with sticks already!

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