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I know I mentioned in the return post that the old D&D group kind of fell apart. What I didn’t mention is that I’m still DMing a much, much smaller group using the Pathfinder system. 

While I appreciated that there were a lot of awesome people in the old D&D group, I don’t have the energy for running and keeping track of 12 people. Right now the hard cap is set at five players. I think this is a good number. There are downsides to having so few players. One is as my rule if at least a third of the players will be absent, the game is cancelled for the week. This led to about a two month span where we had no gaming. 

My thoughts on Pathfinder? Generally, I like it. Combat flows pretty well, and with five players, in a generally balanced manner. No zerg rush!


I also appreciate the pretty awesome community that has sprung up around Paizo. Looking up what a skill/spell/ability does is super easy with resources like the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document. I’ve also been using some pre-fabricated adventures (GASP, especially after I swore I’d never do such a thing again). I’ve been a lot more flexible with the pre-made adventures. They’re more guidelines at this point. 

Overall, I like Pathfinder! It’s a pretty easy system to learn and run in, even if character creation takes roughly forever.

Before I end things, here’s a shot of a random battle. As you can see, we spend hours maintaining and picking our figurines. Actually, building all the Lego figures is kind of fun. 



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