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Sunday Art

Sorry for the lack of updates. Our weekly game got moved to Saturday, and I was scrambling until the last minute to get stuff prepared. I’ll do a write up on it… uh, eventually.

Anyway, here’s the visual aide I prepared for the session. Behind the more tag for barbie boobs and entrails.



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I may be over-worked, I may not have gotten any real exercise in over a week, I may be tired and grumpy, but I don’t care, because my new orange chuck taylor’s came in. ❤

Kind of like these, but slightly more neon. I am in love all over again.

I’ve had a pair of orange shoes in some way, shape or form for the past five years. It’s become a personal symbol, a sort of morpheme for the lexeme of me. And yes, I realize how sad and nerdy that last sentence makes me. And I don’t care! Because I have a brand new, pristine pair of shoes. I’m sure I’ll muddy them up soon enough, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the thrill of new shoes.

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Even though I had a week off from D&D, I am a little burned out. I think it’s because I’ve been planning two sessions in two systems simultaneously for almost two weeks. That’s a lot of twos.  It’s worth it, but my mind is starting to get a little frazzled. So taking a brief break from writing about D&D. Maybe I’ll post more art. Maybe I’ll write about other stuff. Just not D&D. mmkay? More to come later. My lunch break’s over, and it’s time to get back to work.

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As promised, here is the Sunday comic promised. A picture of William with an Eladrin. There’s dialogue that goes with it in my mind, but didn’t have time to make it look good. I’ll add it in later. I told you he had a tail.

(Text box: What would you be willing to use, to sacrifice for your quest?
Text box: Would you even be willing to give up… Her?)

I have to admit I don’t know William’s answer to this question. What do you guys think?

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There are times when I wish I still had access to a drafting table. Drafting, for me, clears the mind and let’s me focus on the matter at hand. I think Scott Adams once called it “the joy of making beautiful, but useless, things.” My drafting projects were never actually used for anything– they were more theoretical exercises than anything. But they brought me joy, if nothing else. Sometimes I feel the same way about making maps for the weekly game. Its a very zen process– I sit down with some copier paper and my big box of crayons, and just get down to it. My maps don’t serve that much purpose– really its more to get things cemented in my mind than anything. But I enjoy the process.

But even though I like the process, I don’t always plan my maps out ahead of time. To tell the truth, I end up putting it off because I have a really hard time coming up with map ideas. And I’m not sure how to get around this barrier. Just one more thing to add to the old to do list, I guess.

More than one person has pointed out that I can use a chart to create a random dungeon. I suppose I could, I just forget about it when I have to actually sit down and do it. Yeah, really, the point of this post is that 1) I like drawing with crayons and 2) I’m lame. 🙂

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I don’t believe in levels. Let me explain. I believe in levels as a way of measuring progress. I believe in handing out XP and having a yardstick to see how much stronger we were than yesterday. But… well… I’m horrible at leveling up my characters. From Blythe, who, at one point, had over 50 character points (For those who don’t know, players start with I think 7? Point is, I hadn’t really upgraded her in almost a year of play. Yeah, I’m that awesome), to Bimbi, who is a level 3 character in a level 6 party, I just hate leveling up my own characters. In my mind, my character progresses by actions and events, and I don’t care too much about the number next to character level.

Have I mentioned before that I’m a complete heart when it comes to role-playing games?

This makes it interesting when I’m DMing people who really, honestly care about levels, and making the best character for a certain build. It’s like when I play WoW, and listening to guild chat is like hearing a foreign language. But I like that the game allows for all sorts of players to join together in harmony (and the pursuit of loots).

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My current to do list:

1) Retcon [redacted] so [redacted] and [redacted] in 3.5
2) Continue beating 3.5 combat rules into my head.
3) Plan a battle
4) Get a few blog posts pre-written so I’m not silent for a week (or at least a Sunday Art Fest)
5) Update THE MASTER SPREADSHEET OF NPCs. If there was any way to make that phrase into a spinning .gif, I would. Because it’s just that awesome.
6) Get out crayons and make maps
7) Update all NPCs for 3.5. Would that be backdate?
8 ) Write more backstory. ALWAYS MORE BACKSTORY
9) Play Brutal Legend

Well, better get cracking. 🙂

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